Frequently Asked Questions


Will members get instructor feedback on their work? -- Yes, I will give short (about 3 sentences) written feedback to every Project post (aka, your painting proposals, paintings in progress, and completed paintings). In addition, I'll discuss a few member posts during each Class Meeting, focusing on pieces which present learning moments to benefit everyone.


I'm in a real dry spell creatively. Will there be exercises and prompts to juice our imaginations? -- There will be a number of activities which will hopefully juice your imagination! A major goal of the group is to help artists move away from the clutter of everyday life and to create artwork on their own terms.

Class Meetings, Video Demonstrations, Discussion Groups, and resources are all designed to help you find inspiration, follow your intuition, and create personal work which you are proud of. There are seven open-ended Assignments and many Sketchbook Exercises which can be repeated indefinitely -- all optional and to be taken at your own speed and order. These focus on taking you out of your comfort zone in order to provoke creativity and perhaps, to help you discover the next step in your creative journey. Hope you'll join us!

How can members interact online? -- Glad you asked, I made 6 Discussion pages for members (and myself) to interact.

·      Assignments -- submit any of the seven optional and open-ended assignments and get/give feedback from/to fellow members.

·      Projects -- submit your project (a group of paintings) proposal, works in progress, and finished pieces and get/give feedback from/to fellow members. The instructor will give short feedback on every post.

·      General Discussion -- Post any art-related topics here and engage with your fellow members.

·      Suggest a Class Meeting Topic -- for a future Class Meeting discussion

·      Suggest a Demonstration Topic -- for a future recorded Video Demonstration

·      Feedback for Azgour Art Group -- Suggestions for future activities or site improvements?

What will Azgour Art Group look like in the future? -- That's the fun part, the sky's the limit and, as a member, you will have influence on its direction. Here are some recent ideas which have been floating around:

·      Live video critiques for additional payment -- coming in October

·      Staggered Class Meeting times -- some of you have expressed disappointment that you cannot join the Class Meetings live. One option is staggering Class Meeting times, which will give more people the opportunity to attend at least one meeting per month live. For example, our meetings could alternate between 11am and 9pm -- members will decide on this through a survey in October

·      Virtual Exhibitions -- this is possible using our awesome website -- slated for early 2022

·      Guest Speakers -- how about artists who use different media, styles, or processes, such as watercolor, mixed media, and realist painters? -- this is a real possibility but we need enough members to justify it


I have a strong preference for a yearly subscription, is that possible? -- Yes, although it's not a published option, it can be arranged by bypassing the website and going directly through the payment vendor. It will still be a verified transaction with a payment receipt.


If Class Meetings are recorded, does that mean a member’s face will be recorded if they speak during the session? -- No, I use a Zoom setting that will only record my face and my screen.

Is there any risk in signing up? -- No, If any of this looks interesting and you're considering being a part of it, I suggest you sign up and try it for a month. Membership can be canceled at any time with no questions asked directly from the website or by sending me an email. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, I will refund your payment for the current period.


This is interesting, but I'm too busy now. Can I join at a later date? -- Yes, join us whenever you are ready!


How do I sign up? -- Join Azgour Art Group directly on the website:
From the website, follow these two steps:

1.   LOGIN -- You'll begin by creating your login by clicking 'Signup' at the top right of the homepage. The username and password you choose will be your login access to Azgour Art Group.

2.   SUBSCRIBE -- Next, you'll subscribe for the monthly membership by clicking 'Course Catalog' at the top right of the homepage.

o   From there, you'll see a list of course units, each with an orange button on the right which read, 'Subscribe ($42.00).' Click any of these buttons.

o   On the next page, click any of the blue buttons with the same label.

o   You will be taken to a payment screen where you can securely enter your payment information. 

o   Once completed, you will have immediate access to all materials, class meetings, and discussion threads.