The mission of Azgour Art Group is to assist artists – regardless of medium, style, and experience level – to maintain a fruitful art-making practice and to create consistently strong paintings.

We aim to oversee a tight-knit online art community where members interact by sharing their work and exchanging feedback and ideas in a safe place.


Is Azgour Art Group For You?

Azgour Art Group provides a rich educational program of online lectures and discussions, critique, edited demonstrations and original texts, together with open-ended creative work with just the right amount of structure.

We dive deep into concept development and process during bi-monthly Class Meetings on Zoom, using student work to illustrate concepts and art historical works as examples.

The main focus is your Creative Work. The seven-unit structure facilitates your process as you plan, develop, and complete groups of paintings – or Projects – of your own scope. Take it at your pace and repeat.

On the Discussion Boards, members are invited to post their works in progress and interact with our member community. Every project posts receives instructor feedback.

Content, including texts and videos, are available to all members. New Demonstration Videos are posted monthly.

The four parts of Azgour Art Group – Class Meetings, Creative Work, Discussions + Critical Feedback, and Content – are integrated, reinforcing each other to maximize progress.


Welcome to Azgour Art Group!

We have a wonderful opportunity here. Through the versatile format of the web, we can interact in ways that would be impossible in the traditional studio classroom.

I’ve drawn upon my experience as a professional artist and university lecturer for fifteen years to create Azgour Art Group -- a flexible learning tool and interactive community designed to help artists take their paintings to the next level.

Michael Azgour
Founder + Instructor



Azgour Art Group is comprised of four parts which complement each other:

1.   Class Meetings – We meet twice per month for 60-minute live Zoom sessions. The instructor presents concepts and processes and leads discussion on topics designed specifically for painters. Class Meetings are recorded so you can watch and re-watch them anytime.

2.   Creative Work The seven-unit structure facilitates your process as you plan, develop, and complete groups of paintings – or Projects – of your own scope. Take it at your pace and repeat.

Units contain prompts for three types of creative work:

·      Projects – The main reason you are here is to create outstanding paintings. Use the seven unit structure as a tool to take your project – a group of paintings defined by your own scope – from start to completion. You reflect on previous works, propose a new project, develop the pieces to completion, evaluate the results, and repeat. It’s a flexible structure. The entire process can take 1-12 months, it’s entirely up to you. 

Members are invited to post projects at every phase from proposals to finished works to the community for peer and instructor feedback. Every project post will receive instructor feedback.

·      Assignments – Optional assignments help artists challenge themselves creatively and stir inspiration for projects. These can be posted to the community for peer feedback.

·      Sketchbook Exercises – Optional short exercises to be completed directly in your sketchbook for extra practice. These are not submitted.

·      Class Exercises – Optional exercises assigned shortly following every Class Meeting to be posted and then discussed during the next Class Meeting.

·      Challenges – Do you need some extra practice in one area? Are you at an impasse articulating or moving forward with your project? Do you want to challenge yourself with daily creative activity? Challenges might be right for you. Take your pick from monthly or weekly Challenges.

3.   Discussions & Critical Feedback – Members are invited to share their Projects and Assignments with the community by posting them in discussion pages. This is a wonderful space where community members can give feedback and exchange ideas with their peers.

The general discussion page is for members to share art-related articles, upcoming exhibitions, artist spotlights, and other topics with the community. Personal Pages offer each member the opportunity to post on their own page. With a number of different Discussion pages, there are many options for member interaction.

Optional notifications allow members to customize their engagement.

4.   Content – Members have access to a large library of content which is continually growing:

·      Articles – Original illustrated articles provide a strong foundation for specific topics related to various painting concepts, processes, and mediums.

·      Video Demonstrations – Over twenty demonstration videos – and counting – professionally edited down to concise excerpts to provide a deep dive into concepts and process. New videos are added every few weeks.

·      Resources – Carefully curated library of resources – articles, external videos, websites, presentations, and books – to facilitate expanded study

The seven-unit structure facilitates your process as you plan, develop, and complete groups of paintings – or Projects – of your own scope. Take it at your pace and repeat.


Membership Cost

Azgour Art Group is an active art community operating in the form of a membership. Active members have complete access to all content and features.

You can begin your one-month free trial membership at any time directly on the website. Once you’ve activated your account, within minutes you will have access to all materials, class meetings, and discussion threads. Membership renews monthly automatically and can be canceled at any time.

                  Membership   Paid Monthly
              $42 / month   ($504/Year)

Personal Guarantee

Cancel Membership with No Questions Asked – We believe Azgour Art Group will become an essential tool for your artistic development. However, we understand if you discover that it’s just not for you. Membership can be canceled at any time with no questions asked directly from the website or by sending us an email.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience, we will refund your payment for the current period.


How to Join

To start your one-month free trial membership, sign up directly on the website – azgourartgroup.com.
From the homepage, follow these two easy steps:

1.   LOGIN – You’ll begin by creating your login by clicking ‘Signup’ at the top right of the homepage. The username and password you choose will be your login access to Azgour Art Group.

2.   SUBSCRIBE – Next, you’ll subscribe for the monthly membership:

a.   Login to azgourartgroup.com

b.  Click ‘Course Catalog’ at the top right of the homepage.

c.   From there, you will see a list of course units, each with an orange button on the right which read, ‘Subscribe ($42.00).’ Click one of those buttons.

d.  On the next page, click the blue with the same label.

e.   Once you’ve submitted your payment information through the secure portal, within minutes you will have access to all materials, class meetings, and discussion threads.


You will have an automatic one-month trial membership, with no cost or commitment. During your trial period, if you feel the group is not for you, just cancel your membership within one month and you won't be charged.


Please feel free to get in touch for any reason. If you have any questions or comments, email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  |  azgourartgroup@gmail.com