I thought Michael Azgour was a truly excellent teacher, and that he provided us, his students, with one of the best courses I have personally ever taken. It was a beautifully designed course, and I plan on taking it again.

The instructor is excellent, an artist himself, manage to bring all of the students to a higher level by teaching, supporting, advising and encouraging all of us to reach a higher level.

Michael is amazing. I was seeking an instructor that will open my mind as well as introduce me to new techniques. I think Michael brings a great combination of artistic thinking- teaching us how to let go of a creation, how to explore and think about what we are planning to create, the process of an evolving work of art and the fact that true art is not the end result but the process itself.


I so enjoyed that series of three [videos]… thank you. Your generosity of spirit in bringing us into your studio and sharing your creative process really impacts and moves me. I can’t think of a better way to learn.

Even though the class was virtual........the ZOOM sessions and class discussion boards online created an atmosphere of warmth and support. That is an amazing accomplishment.


This course jump-started me...it made me more confident and motivated to become more prolific and experimental. Michael has an excellent style...insightful and thoughtful. His commentary goes beyond the expected...he shares his special thought process about making art which I really enjoyed learning about. I love that he emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process.


I really like the video content created by the instructor. He was very thorough and I learned a great deal from it. The videos were well-produced and edited.


The instructor was excellent. His intentional design was both challenging and attainable. His personable style was always kind and encouraging. I’ve taken courses with a variety of art instructor styles so appreciated his talent and disposition and dedication to teaching others.


Michael was an excellent instructor and a fantastic artist. His agility and use of Zoom was the best I have ever seen.


The instructor encouraged everyone to participate through the platform and in live meetings. I was surprised at the amount of personal feedback he managed to give people, given that it was a large group.


Michael Azgour was a very focused and diligent instructor. His assignments and support materials were in depth and followed a logical trajectory. He effectively communicated all aspects of the process and materials subjects he was teaching. He was as interactive as possible with the students that wanted it in the time allowed. He provided many personalized comments and specific suggestions on individuals artwork which was a good learning process.


This was an outstanding course. I could not have been more pleased with the class structure, instructor, and quality of students.


Michael works well in an on line format-the class still feels intimate and interesting despite remote learning.


You are a calm individual, who is extremely organized, talented and willing to share your knowledge in a clear and concise way. A great teacher. Your course has changed my life in how I see the world and how I pursue all that create 


I learned a lot and enjoyed the process. Michael was clear and informative. The group was cohesive and supportive. It was a delight to participate. The course was well paced for beginners and intermediate painters. The instructor, Michael Azgour, is a talented and expert artist, well known in his field. But importantly, he is an organized & excellent teacher.


Michael is a master of the online teaching experience and all teachers in the art space would be well served to observe his methods. Very interactive and inclusive and individual. Amazing class.


Michael Azgour is a thoughtful, well-spoken and very articulate instructor. He gives a large number of demonstrations, explains his materials and thought process carefully and with appropriate passion. I was impressed with his work ethic and his devotion to his art, the size he works in and the meticulous notes he takes when planning a series. He also very much wants the students to understand the process, but does not wish for them to paint like him, only take the message and paint like themselves.


Michael did an excellent job setting up the structure of this class. The materials and videos were useful and abundant.


I liked Michael’s approach to teaching art - emphasizing the reliance on intuition and enjoying the process of making art, make choices because they bring you pleasure and you find them interesting, being willing to take risks and not being concerned about mistakes, incorporating the mistakes into the process of your work.


The instructor was outstanding and provided a challenging and rigorous course but with scaffolding and support for each student. The class exceeded my expectations, especially being online.


Amazing course, definitely recommend. Professor is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable


Michael is exceptional…a master at online instructions. He does an outstanding job of making the class feel connected and informed. I think his ability to show empathy and patience is a quality that makes the virtual online experience work. He ensures that you feel relaxed and connected in the online process, so you can focus on the creative experience and subject of Art. He is both an outstanding artist and instructor. I have learned so much from this class which has taken my Art skills to a new level. It has been an honor to be his student. Thank you!


Michael did an excellent job setting up the structure of this class. The materials and videos were useful and abundant.